Monday, September 12, 2011


The kids and I enjoy stories involving monsters, ghosts, witches, etc., and we're already getting excited for Halloween. Recently we read a hilarious book written and illustrated by Frank W. Dormer called Socksquatch.

There isn't much to this story, as Socksquatch, and his fellow-monster friends, are people of few words. But the few words used are well-chosen, and along with Dormer's simple, child-like illustrations, they create a rich running gag that my kids giggled through from beginning to end.

Poor Socksquatch has cold feet, but only one sock. He goes on a bit of a rampage, much like a toddler in search of comfort. Visiting his monster friends one by one, he asks, "Got sock? Foot cold." But Wayne (a werewolf) has no sock, just fur. Frank sloooowly responds that he has a sock and is happy to share, but because this monster has such big feet, the sock doesn't fit our furry friend. He trips on the over-large garment. This results in a screaming fit as Socksquatch expresses his dismay, again in a rather child-like fashion, arms in air, tears flying ("AAAAAAAAAAA!"). Martin (a mummy), hears the commotion and comes to see how he can help, dragging along the damsel he was terrorizing at the moment. He of course has no sock to offer, but Damsel, who is one heck of a good sport, comes to the rescue of the monster in distress. In the end we see Socksquatch happy at last--for now. Kids will delight in the twist that foreshadows another tantrum somewhere on the horizon. Dormer's other books, as listed on his web site, look as giggle-inducing as this one, so I'll be on the look out for them on our next trip to the library.

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